Sales Consulting is the Best Way
to Teach Sales Success

"Robert, you are a very special person with special talents. You have a lot to offer companies on selling. You cannot hide talent, as the cream will always rise to the top. You are living proof of that."

Lou Holtz
Head Football Coach
Notre Dame University
South Bend, Indiana



"When I am motivating sales people I find myself hoping that they have received their sales training from Robert Reason. There can be no greater motivator than the knowledge that what you do, you do better than anyone else, anywhere. Your hands on, how to sales training ensures and instills that kind of confidence."

Les Brown
Motivational Speaker / Author
Detroit, Michigan


"Robert, your message is powerful! It gets right to the heart of the subject. Whether the point is being made is complex or relatively simple, it is conveyed to your audiences with the divinity of simplicity."

Cavett Robert
Founder & Chairman Emeritus,
National Speakers Association
Phoenix, Arizona


"Robert Reason is a presenter you must hear! He is unique, creative and understands the keys for business success in a twenty-first century America. He is truly a speaker who makes a positive difference in the lives of others."

Roger Crawford
Author & Motivational Speaker
Byron, California

Don Etter
Address: Troy, Mo
Message: Mr. Reason,

I saw you speak in Chicago back in the nineties. Your psychology of selling absolutely amazed me. I've seen several other sales trainers and you simply blow them away. What you teach not only makes so much more sense, but more importantly it has made me a tremendous income over the past decade or so. I bought a copy of Successful Sales People Listen To Reason. If your staff could e-mail me as to when you are speaking anywhere
in the Mid-West I would appreciate the opportunity to see you again and hopefully have you sign my book.

Don Etter
Troy, MO

Lanny Jordon


Mr. Reason I was glad to see that you are going to do some consulting work. I have a copy of “Successful Sales People Listen To Reason.” Is there an address I could send it for an autograph or will you be in the Lexington, KY area any time soon. Please let me know.


Lanny Jordon

Lexington, KY

Jeanne Harper


Dear Mr. Reason, just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for me. I have attended your sales seminars at least a half dozen times and have learned something new, and that no one else is teaching every time.


I want to order a copy of “Successful Sales People Listen To Reason.” I will call your toll free number. If that is not the way to order please e-mail me the proper way. Also, how do I get a signed copy.


Jeanne Harper

Cleveland, OH