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Chapter 29 - Dean Martin... The Singer or the Salesman 

Many years ago Johnny Carson asked the following question of Dean Martin; "Do you ever give a bad performance?" He said "No, but I do get a bad audience from time to time." And the audience laughed.

This is what he said. "I have never altered my performance for any audience. I've been doing this for thirty five years. I know what's good and what isn't. If I allow an audience, who have no experience in my field, to determine what is good or bad, I will never understand why I did or did not get them. I would simply be guessing and would never be a professional." He couldn't let his audience dictate how he did his job. And you better not either.

Dean Martin understood the concept I teach, and he would have made an excellent salesman. Have you ever heard a sales person say his prospect was "kind of contrary so I did A, B, or C?" Or "she didn't have much time so I just ...." Or "he just wanted to know the price, so I gave it to him." Maybe you have done this yourself.

After exhaustive examination of  what you have, what your competitor has, and how you are going about selling your product, I lay out a map to the sale, which if followed, we will never again lose a sale. That's right, you will never again lose a sale. I did not say that you will never miss a sale. I said you will never LOSE a sale. We cannot lose something we never had. Sales people say they lost a sale when in fact they never had a chance to make the sale in the first place. Why? Because they let their prospect dictate how they should do their job by stopping to answer every question they threw at them instead of following their road map.

Much too often we are spending time, and giving FREE information to one we believe to be a prospect, when in fact, we could not have made the sale regardless of the information we so freely give away. But on the bright side, your prospect can now feel comfortable buying from your competitor. He got all of your information giving nothing in return. A proper sales map will lead us away from this bumpy road, and prevent a time wasting practice. When we learn how to follow the road map and miss the sale, we can rest assured that we would not have made the sale by doing things any other way. Missing a sale from a non prospect does not kill a sales career. Not being able to ascertain which are prospects and which are not will.


I am not saying that adjustments will not be necessary from one prospect to another. One size does NOT fit all. I am simply saying that if we allow our prospect to dictate how and when we address issues, we are not going to sell as much as we otherwise could and should. You MUST treat everyone according to their personality, needs and circumstances. But your basic sales map MUST not have detours. Dino might honor a request, but he would not interrupt a medley he had planned in order to do so. And you better not either.

If we follow, without exception, a map to New York, we will end up in New York. If we deviate, we might end up in Chattanooga, TN. I have nothing against Chattanooga, but if my goal is New York, I want to end up in New York, and I want to know how I got there so I can do it again. When I follow a map to a sale, I want to be able to do it again, and again, and again, and understand how I got there. If we stop and answer questions we will end up in a ditch. There are ways to follow this sales map without offending, and I will teach you how to accomplish this.

Heeding Dean Martin's advice will not help us sing better in the shower, but it will most certainly make us a lot of money!

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